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How Important Is A Blog?

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness is through blogging. Creating useful and informative content not only increases customer trust and loyalty, but it also improves SEO. Google wants to see your website creating relevant content – and there’s no better way to do that then with a blog.

You may think that you don’t have the time for blogging or you don’t see how it’s relevant to your field, but read on to find out exactly how important a blog is to your business.


It boosts Search Engine Optimisation


Google loves fresh content. So much so that it will boost your website up the rankings if it sees your website producing it. Blogging is such a simple, inexpensive way of creating content, it seems obvious that every website should have one.

Consistent blog posts means that search engines are given fresh content to index. It’s really as simple as that.

Blogging is also a clever way to insert those keywords that your customers are searching for, improving the chance of showing up on their searches. What more could you want?


It strengthens relationships with consumers


It seems obvious, but having a blog is an excellent opportunity to connect with you customer base.

Blogs provide you a way of being more relatable. Speaking to your customers in a more conversational way shows them that you’re not a large, faceless corporation. Instead, it shows them that you care and understand.

A comment section also gives you a way of responding directly to your customers responses. Your consumers will appreciate that you are listening to them and taking notice. Having trust and rapport is extremely important, as increasing customer retention by 2% can have the same impact as reducing costs by 10%. Remember that the next time you debate having a blog.


It establishes you as a leader


No matter how small your business is, if you can talk the talk, you will be seen as an expert. And what better way to show that off than with a blog?

By providing content that is seen as valuable by your customers, you are automatically seen as someone with knowledge and therefore someone they can trust in.

Consistently posting blogs will, in time, ensure that you’re the go-to business in your field. This will subsequently lead to a high conversation rate and a lot more enquiries.

M.A.D Communications regularly uploads informative blogs on copy writing and social media management. By writing about these topics, they’re showing their knowledge and expertise and in turn, shows you exactly why you should hire them.


It creates opportunities for sharing


With social media being a fully integrated part of a lot of peoples lives, it’s important to create shareable content. No matter who you are or what your business is does, creating shareable content will put you a step above the competition.

We’ve all heard those stories of small businesses that suddenly went viral overnight and are now large, popular retailers. Why would any business pass up on the potential of viral traffic and exponential market growth?

There is no easier way of creating shareable content than with a blog, and shareable content is the epitome of free marketing.

Overall, it’s easy to see just why having a blog is so important. Just a little extra time every few weeks could grow traffic and retain customers with ease. It really is a no brainer.

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