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The Importance of Colour For Your Branding

There are many, many factors when it comes down to branding and your website’s personality, but did you know even things as simple and seemingly insignificant such as colour play an important part?

Certain colours make evoke different emotions and it’s important to make sure you’re using colour psychology to your advantage. We’ve all heard that blue is supposed to be soothing and serene, but what else do we know about colours?

Whether you’re a young, up and coming fashion brand trying to connect with your audience or a legal firm wanting to gain trust, colours can help you to be perceived in that particular way. 

How? Read on to find out more…

Reds, Oranges and Yellows

Red is the universal colour of love and lust. But there’s a bit more to it than that. Red is exciting, it’s passion, danger, energy. In colour psychology, red is the most intense – meaning it can evoke the strongest emotions. Red is typically a good colour to use for a call to action button as it stands out and entices you to click it by subconsciously giving you that sense of excitement. 

Orange is creative. It’s success, enthusiasm, adventure. Orange is a good colour when you want to be playful, especially as it isn’t as demanding as red. This colour is used to add fun to websites, marketing materials and logos. 

Yellow, to no one’s surprise, revolves around sunshine. Sunshine brings happiness, positivity and optimism, just like the colour yellow. It’s the perfect colour if you’re wanting to bring a little positivity and care-free sunshine vibes to your brand.

Pinks and Purples

Pink is a popular colour for brands with quite a large female demographic. The colour pink itself revolves around femininity, playfulness and unconditional love. With such a bright and bold colour, it’s no surprise that fierce and typically feminine brands focus on pink.

The colour purple is connected with nobility, luxury and wisdom. However, it is more commonly used as an accent colour, as too much purple can be perceived as arrogant. Brands that want to be defined as luxury jump at the chance to use the colour purple, and it’s really no surprise.

Blues and Greens

Earlier I said that blue was calming. Let’s look into that. The colour blue is linked to the sea and sky. It brings emotions of harmony, peace, tranquillity. Not only that, but it’s trustworthy and stable. You’ll find a lot of brands use the colour blue to show that they’re reliable and safe. 

Tied to nature and money, green is the colour for growth, fertility and health. A lot of health brands will use green as their base colour to give you the sense of being connected with nature and your surroundings. Outdoor brands can also use this colour to entice a certain demographic, as green looks good and blends beautifully with the landscape. 

Greys, White and Black

Grey represents neutrality and balance. It’s simple and it’s easy. Grey is a good accent colour, as it’s hard to be put off by it and it can transition beautifully with almost any shade of colour.

White is pure, innocent and good. White is an extremely common background colour, as it keeps the website looking clean and minimal. It’s commonly paired with Greys and Blacks, but white can be paired with anything to clean up a website.

Symbolic of mystery, power and elegance, black is an extremely popular colour in retail. Typically contrasted against white, high end designers will use the colour black to showcase their premium products in a way that oozes sophistication. 

Now you’ve read a little bit about colour psychology, you can start to apply it to your brand. But don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, you don’t have to follow the rules.

Choose colours that represent you and your brand, and you can be sure that everything else will fall into place. Victoria Lilly Photography picks their colours beautifully, with their main accent colour being a gorgeous dusty pink. When your brand is about treasuring those precious family moments, the colour of unconditional love seems to be fitting!

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