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5 Simple SEO tips to boost your website traffic

SEO is often regarded as something complicated or mysterious that is best left to the experts, however, if your budget is limited and you are looking for some easy ways to improve your traffic, then a few simple tweaks could be all it takes to gain new visitors and leads. Follow our simple steps to improve your SEO…

Carry out a free audit

An audit needn’t cost anything and seeing where you might be going wrong is a great way of improving your SEO. One useful option is a site such as, which allows the user to get a free review of their website; it will highlight any errors or areas of improvement that you might not thought of. It will also detail common problems such as broken links, load and usability issues, which could all be affecting your SEO ranking.

Once you have that information to hand, act on it and see the impact it has on your site’s SEO over time.

Improve your share-ability

Social media engagement and shareable content are imperative to SEO. If you already have social media buttons on your site but they don’t attract a lot of shares, then there are a few basic tweaks you can make. First of all, make sure that the social media buttons are easily visible to the reader and experiment with positioning. If you don’t already, then end every post by actively encouraging readers to share your work.

Next, you’ll need to look at the content itself. Is there anything you can do to make content more compelling? Try engaging visitors by adding striking images and video, creating polls or infographics, and encourage readers to interact.


Keywords are the most obvious aspect of a site’s SEO, however, many businesses don’t make the best use of them. Take a moment to review your current use of keywords. Are they featured in the URL and meta tags? Can you change page titles and headings to naturally include your targeted keywords?

Next, analyse your current content. Ensure that the keywords read naturally and are relevant, and that the content on the page has been written with the reader in mind.

Build authoritative links

Relevant, credible links are an important factor in the ranking of your website. Building or completing your social media pages should be the most obvious place to start, and regularly sharing your links on Twitter, Facebook and bookmarking sites is one of the easiest ways of creating backlinks yourself, which can bolster rankings. Other options for building links include guest posts on blogs in your chosen niche, and posting regular press releases.

Build a sitemap

There are so many reasons why a sitemap is necessary for your site. A sitemap will make everything much easier to find and it allows the search engines to be notified as soon as you’ve added new content to the site, thus aiding SEO. This is one of the simplest steps any website owner can take to improve their search engine rankings, and if you need any help building one, there are plenty of free tools and plugins available online.

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